The public involvement team aims to achieve optimum engagement of the public when developing major planning documents and programs. Quality public participation is solicited before the planning process begins and continues throughout the process, helping to avoid, minimize, and mitigate project impacts, while providing the best solutions. The primary goals of the public involvement team are to:

  • Inform the Public

Inform the public, to the maximum extent possible with available resources, of opportunities to participate in the decision-making process.

  • Involve the Public

Involve the public early and often in the planning process.

  • Include the Public

Reach out to the geographical, organizational, and demographic communities that compose the planning area to increase the public’s opportunity to participate in developing plans and services.

  • Improve the Public Participation Process
Continually identify and implement ways to improve the public participation processes.

The public involvement team maintains public participation opportunities for plans and projects for impacted communities through a wide range of methods, including, but not limited to, board and advisory committees, public meetings and workshops, outreach to community organizations, continuous public comment opportunities at board meetings, news releases, surveys, eNewsletters, and social media. The public involvement team works to maintain good relationships with members of the local media to raise awareness of public involvement opportunities in planning. Additionally, the public involvement team provides an opportunity for the public to comment at each meeting during public forum.