Investments in freight transportation improvements that reduce the cost of moving goods to and from markets help to increase and sustain regional and local economic growth. Additionally, adequate transportation is considered a key site location requirement for existing and new businesses because it affects the area’s business costs, market, and overall competitiveness for attracting large-scale business investments. The efficient movement of goods throughout the region relies on the integration of freight infrastructure, equipment, personnel, and information systems. The movement of freight is an important factor when developing transportation priorities that will enhance the economic competitiveness of the region.  

Regional Freight Network Plan
The Regional Freight Network Plan was adopted in April 2010 by the Florida-Alabama, Okaloosa-Walton, and Bay County Transportation Planning Organizations (TPOs). This plan is also known as Highways of Commerce. “Highways of Commerce,” is a term that describes major freight corridors connecting the nation and even the world to the region covered by the three TPOs. The purpose of the plan is to also identify transportation improvements needed to enhance the economic competitiveness of the region. 

Freight Corridor Screenings 
The first step of implementing the Regional Freight Network Plan is to conduct preliminary freight corridor screenings on identified Highways of Commerce. These screenings help provide recommendations for freight needs that can be incorporated into the scope of larger transportation projects.  The scope for this project includes screening one corridor and several intersections within the Bay County TPO region and three corridors each in the Florida-Alabama and Okaloosa-Walton TPOs.

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